Contact me at to schedule a team presentation or a half-day consulting session. 

I Can Help You:

  • Gain admission to a nationwide network of 100,000 plus salons and barbershops where your brand can connect with African American consumers in a unique and captive environment
  • Bridge the gap between African American audiences and the world of entertainment by making your brand a part of the Black salon and barbershop experience 
  • Develop addressable media planning and messaging strategies that speak to the African American audience
  • Adjust your marketing tactics and investments in the African American consumer to boost retention and personalization
  • Utilize highly personalized tactics that truly resonate with this demographic
  • Partner with community thought leaders to ensure your brand story resonates with authenticity at every touchpoint
  • Craft culturally relevant campaigns 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the African American audience to make better product/content decisions

I also offer half-day consultations and training sessions for entertainment and consumer brands that are struggling with Diversity and Inclusion in the face of current events and the push towards corporate transparency in hiring. I have been a frequent guest on podcasts providing business tips for large companies working towards greater diversity, and I bring a powerful perspective as a Black man, business owner, and marketing expert.