Cultivating the African-American female consumer in beauty shops

Salons provide direct and prolonged access to a very loyal and lucrative consumer.  

One of the biggest blind spots for the entertainment industry and global brands has been African American beauty shops. For one thing networks would be reaching an underserved audience of African-American women that is starved for networks that put on content that reflects their own lives front and center.

Many advertisers fail to grasp that African-American women are more likely to control the purse strings in their households. 

According to Nielsen African-American women head up nearly half of all homes within the black community and view themselves as the primary decision-makers across virtually all consumer segments. 

In recent years streaming platforms, television networks and advertisers have dramatically increased their efforts to reach one of the industry’s most coveted demographics: African-American females. Additionally, they don’t tune into just any type of content. African-American women are very discerning about what they consume on television, mainly choosing shows with black women in prominent roles that appeal to them. Marketers also fail to realize that the majority of African American females are living, socializing and grooming exclusively with each other intentionally. 

The Urban beauty salon is one place where a captive audience of African American females gather weekly and is predisposed to spending and brand messaging. These outlets are “Trusted Environments” that are deeply ingrained businesses within the community.

The hairstylists are not merely hairdressers but innovators, influencers and market trendsetters.

Stylists are not only looked to for advice on hairstyles but are also a channel for espousing the latest in entertainment news, style tips and fashion advice. This further reinforces the significance of hair and beauty industry professionals’ role in setting lifestyle trends and sparking grassroots awareness. 

There is a lot of interest in the African American female consumer because they are an ad-sales target and all kinds of brands are looking to connect with them. For generations, from the time of broadcasted events to the present, entertainment talk has always been a part of the salon culture and experience. 

With urban salon marketing strategies, the connection between brands and consumers are made easier in the black salon venue. Brands now have a front row seat with the African American female consumer in the salon by engaging them in direct interaction with your brand messages. This format delivers your brand message in a culturally relevant and convenient manner.  

Photo by Eloise Ambursley on Unsplash

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